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The perfect burpee is one where you are able to use the power from your hips while keeping your body in a good strong position.

To start off, get into the position as if you were about to do a push up.

You then bring you feet in, and your knees into your chest.

Then you thrust yourself upwards, and jump up.

When you land on your feet you then follow the reverse of what you just did.

So you will then crouch down with your knees bent and place your hands back onto the ground by your sides.

Then extend your legs backwards and get back into the first push up position.

That’s one rep.

The whole exercise is a continuous movement and you keep going until you have finished your specific amount of repetitions.



The Benefits of doing Burpees

The main benefits of doing a burpess is that they develop strength, endurance, explosiveness, and coordination because there’s so much going on.

When doing your burpees in a stronger position, you will not fatigue as fast and will be able to keep going therefor for much longer.

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