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Dash Diet Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercises should be worked into your fitness regime every other day, one day do you cardio exercise regime and the next day do some of these strength training exercise, it’s good to work different muscles every day. So one day work the arms and the next day the legs. I am going to concentrate on strength training exercise you can do at home without equipment, but if you have the resources to add equipment then all the better for your fitness goals.

Dash Diet Strength Training

There are many benefits of Strength Training Exercises and the first being it helps keep you stronger and fitter and keeps the weight off as you burn more calories. Another reason to do strength training exercises is that it protects the muscle mass and bone density.

Strength training also boosts your energy level and the stronger you are the healthy you are and help prevent diseases.

So don’t limit your self to just lifting weights, push-ups, squats lunges are great examples of strength training and there is no better day to start than today.

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