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Dash Diet Protein Amounts

DASH Diet Protein Amounts

When you are on the Dash diet you only need 2 servings of lean protein per day, because you are already getting a large amount of protein from the grains, vegetables, nuts and seeds you should be consuming. You only need 4-6 ounces of lean meat, fish or poultry daily.

Choosing leaner cuts of beef and pork helps reduce the saturated fat intake, which is very important for lowering cholesterol. Cut off any excess visible fat from the meat before cooking and limit your intake of high fat cuts of beef like prime rib and chuck roast.

Lean Beef Meat Portion Allowances

Sirloin                     3-4 oz.

Filet Mignon            4-6 oz.

Eye of Round          4-6 oz

Loin Roast              3-4 oz

Pork Allowances

Tenderloin              4-6 oz

Loin chops              3-4 oz

Loin Roast              3-4 oz.

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They help boost energy, curb appetite and burn fat. Here are some Dash Diet protein packed foods.

Avocados are a great source of nutrients and protein; here are 10 Amazing Avocados recipes you may enjoy.

Chickpeas are a great snack they contain more than seven grams of protein – just ½ a cup a day. You can add chickpeas to a salad, purée them with tahini, garlic, vinegar and some oil to make hummus or roast them for an on-the-go protein boost. Here are some easy ways to serve Chickpeas.

Hemp Seeds are a super food, they are loaded with protein and essential amino acids. One ounce of hemp seeds contains six grams of protein – about as much as an egg. It can be added to almost any meal with ease, just sprinkle it over cereals, salads or rice dishes.

Green Peas contain as much protein as single serving of peanut butter. A single cup of peas contains eight grams of protein as well as nearly 100% of your daily vitamin C needs and plenty of satiating fiber.

Pumpkin Seeds are protein-packed food; one ounce contains nine grams of protein, try adding them to your morning oatmeal.

Sun dried tomatoes are the perfect addition to chili and other bean dishes as well as salads and salsas. One cup of this nutrient-packed super food contains eight grams of protein.

Dash Diet Protein Smoothies

The easiest way to get your protein into a meal is a Dash Diet Smoothie, here are some recipes for you to try. Avocado Smoothie.

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