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Meal Time Regime

Why are Meal Times so Important?

Eating your meals at the right time could very well be the missing link to your weight loss regime, studies have shown that ffollowing a regular meal schedule can help you take control of your weight and lower your risk for diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. To maximize your weight loss goals try eating your meals at the right time of day.

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Maintaining a consistent meal schedule and practicing mindful eating habits is so important. If life gets in the way and you need to get your metabolism back on track, use these tips to identify the best times to eat throughout the day.

The key to weight loss is not only about nutrient-dense foods and calorie counts but also the timing of each of our meals as well.


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Try getting into the routine of eating your breakfast at least 12 hours after you’ve finished your dinner the night before. The reason is because your body needs a break or an intermittent fast between meals in order to function efficiently. A 12-hour stretch between dinner and breakfast will help you reduce calorie intake and improve glucose metabolism. You can have a substantial breakfast- you will probably be pretty hungry, but you have all day to work it off. Great Breakfast Recipes


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It is recommended eating the majority of your total calorie intake earlier in the day, while your body is the most active; doing so has shown a positive effect on risk factors such as heart disease and diabetes. So ideally you will want to have a larger lunch between 12-1 PM and smaller snacks and dinner. Variety of Lunch Recipes


So it’s time for a snack and the best time to eat a snack is at 4 PM, which is a good middle point between lunch and dinner. The key to snacking smart is picking foods that have a high water, fiber, protein, and healthy fat content. Some great choices are almonds, walnuts, vegetables with bean dip or a cup of vegetable and bean soup. Healthy Snack Recipes

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According to a national sleep score survey, most people are in bed by 11 PM. With that in mind, it’s recommended that dinner consumed and dishes are done by 8 PM, which allows you to digest before lying down and helps prevent calorie-packed nighttime grazing. Try my Salmon Burger Recipe.


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