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There are many delicious Dash Diet desserts and they are a reward for anyone who has accomplished you goals for the day. Desserts are not always made from sugar and cream , here are some healthy options that will make your mouth water.

A sugar Free Chocolate Brownie recipe , this gives this a lighter, healthier dessert a try to help stave off your sugar cravings.

Pineapple Kheer is an easy to make Dash diet dessert, this can be ready in 10 minutes and see why pineapple has so many health benefits.

This Watermelon Fruit Pizza is one of our family’s favorite treats during the summer, it’s the perfect summer dessert and you can add any fruit or toppings you’d like, that’s the beauty of this watermelon pizza recipe.

Apple Tart is my go to Dash diet dessert, this is so tasty, it’s hard to believe this is allowed in your diet.

Creme Brulee is one of my favorite desserts and with a little coconut cream  it makes it a delicious  and thick custard, and that first crack into the torched coconut sugar crust is so satisfying.

Here is a Brownie Recipe that has a secret ingredients in it, who knew Brownies are good for you?

A homemade ice recipe cream to enjoy, blend avocados, coconut milk, honey, and a little lemon juice for a rich homemade dessert. For extra flavor, you can add a ripe banana. Freeze overnight and indulge the next day


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