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Dash Diet Holiday Recipes

Every now and then you will need a Dash Diet holiday recipe, special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, birthday or anniversary meals, so here are some of the all time low sodium favorites.

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Dash Diet Holiday Recipes Ideas

Cajun Turkey : This is a great way to spice up your family gathering.

Low Sodium Ham – Ham is always a popular meat for any special occasion, here is a low sodium version for you to try.

Green Beans and Caramelized Onions: This is a sweet tasting side dish that is so easy to make.

Sweet Potato Casserole  and this is the most traditional holiday recipes this is a low sodium version- but you would never know it.

Corn on the Cobb  and a Corn Casserole– corn is one of the best vegetables for reducing hypertension

Low Sodium Gravy -it’s very important to have a good gravy on your Turkey, here is a low sodium version for you to enjoy.

Lets not forget dessert here is an Apple Pie recipe that is just a great way to finish your special day.



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