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The Benefits of Beets

The Benefits of Beets

Beets have many health benefits; lowering blood pressure is one of them and this is why beet juice should be included in the Dash Diet, the juice provides excellent blood pressure-lowering ability. Beetroot juice is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and naturally occurring nitrates. Nitrates are compounds which improve blood flow throughout the body – including the brain, heart, and muscles. These natural nitrates increase a molecule in the blood vessels called nitric oxide, which helps open up the vessels and allows more oxygen flow.

You are actually better off drinking the juiced beet root to get the maximum benefit. When you cook the beet or ferment a beet (like we find in a pickled beet), the amount of healthful nutrients for blood pressure benefits will decrease. By juicing, you are going to get 100% of the phytonutrients (plant chemicals) that help your blood pressure decrease.

Start with just a quarter of a cup per day and slowly increase it to one cup a day and see the effect it has on lowering you blood pressure.

Check out this tasty Beet Salad that will highlight any meal, with so many health benefits.

Possible side effects with drinking the beet juice is the dark carotenes of beet juice may give your urine and bowel movements a red color. This color change is harmless. Since beets are high in oxalates, people who tend to make oxalate kidney stones may want to avoid beet juice.

Do not change any prescription blood pressure medication without speaking to your prescribing doctor. Please let your doctor know you are using natural means to lower your blood pressure, which may result in requiring less medication.

Looking for a healthy snack idea, try making some Beet Chips they are so simple and such a great snack.


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