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The Latest Dash Diet Recipe Book

Here of three of the latest Dash Diet Recipe Books available, there are a large variety of low sodium recipes to get you on the right track for a healthier lifestyle.

The DASH Diet Collection V2

2018 Best Overall Diet

This is the latest Dash Diet book for 2018 it has a lot of  new in depth information about the DASH Diet, it explains in depth what the DASH diet is and how it can benefit you, there is no calorie counting on this diet. There is a special section for those of you with Type 2 Diabetes as the DASH Diet is also the No.1 diet for controlling and preventing Diabetes in 2018

It also features over 250 different mouthwatering recipes to help you start and stay on this program as well as a 14 day meal plan just to make things even easier for you.

You will enjoy a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean meats/poultry/fish, heart healthy fats and correct amounts of whole grain. So say goodbye to long empty calories and sodium high foods.

There are two phases to the Dash Diet and in the e-book it breaks down both phases.

There is also a very easy to follow Fitness program that includes Yoga, resistancy exercises and lots more.

There is a 14 day meal plan as well has an easy Online Shopping information, Dining Out tips. So take full advantage of the No.1 Overall diet for 2018  and the Best Heart Healthy Diet for 2018 -get your copy here.


The DASH Diet Collection V2

When the evenings get a little longer, I bring out my Slow cooker and have dinner nearly ready for me when I walk in the door, but it’s not easy finding low sodium recipes in a Slow Cooker, so after lots of research I have put together over 35 recipes that focus on low sodium recipes that you can cook in your Slow cooker.

There are over 35 slow cooker recipes that focus specifically on low sodium content which will help reduce the risk of hypertension and heart disease.

Finding low sodium recipes can be difficult, so I have put together a new cookbook called “The Ultimate Dash Diet Slow Cooker Recipes”.

Low Sodium Slow Cooker Recipes ONLY $4.95


Here is the another DASH Diet Recipe book, just in time for your 2018 New Years Resolutions. At a special promotional price of $4.95, this book is amazing value, there is loads of DASH Diet information and recipes.

                                               The Ultimate DASH Diet Cookbook

The Ultimate DASH Diet CookbookThis cookbook explains in depth what the DASH diet is and how it can benefit you, there is no calorie counting on this diet. It also features over 100 different mouthwatering recipes to help you start and stay on this program.

There are Breakfast, Lunch, Salads, Mason Jar, Appetizers, Dinner, Grilling, Snacks and Sides, Seafood, Slow Cooker, Soup, Vegetarian, Smoothie, Cocktail and Dessert recipes.

There is detailed information about Phase One and Phase Two of the Dash Diet along with a 14 day meal plan to get you on the right path.

Answers to many FAQ’s and check out the testimonials of Dash Dieters they have gone through this program with a variety of success stories.

The Ultimate Dash Diet Cookbook is easy to follow, it will not feel like a diet it will become an everyday safe and nutritious way to eat and the weight loss will be one of the many benefits you will be rewarded with.

Get your The Ultimate DASH Diet Cookbook HERE



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