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We all need an extra boost in our diet and here are some of the Superfoods we should be using to boost our immune system and make us feel a little better. Here are some of the most popular Super food snacks that have great reviews.Superfood

Chia Seeds are packed with antioxidants, fiber as they help bodies convert carbohydrates into simple sugar. they are so easy to hide in a salad or a smoothie, but they are hard to find in any supermarket, so  get your Chia Seeds delivered right to your door.

Go Raw Energy Bar  is sweetened with bananas and dates, this bar is a great way to Go Raw Energy Barsstart the day or tame hunger between meals. They have a crunchy taste to them that’s pretty delicious, they work well with if you have gluten allergies. They mostly taste like freeze-dried bananas to me, with hints of sesame and spirulina.  They are flavorful and raw as can be, which means no added anything. You won’t miss the artificial sugar, because it’s naturally sourced and you really get to taste the dates.

Organic Ground Flaxseeds they are a rich source of fiber and Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as a good source of magnesium, phosphorus and selenium. Spectrum Ground Flaxseed is really flavorful, with that perfect nutty taste. It  is a perfect choice as a dietary fiber supplement to encourage proper digestion and regularity with all the added benefit of lignans.

Maca Superfood Cereal is delicious and if you think there’s no such thing as too much chocolate, then this is the cup for you. This oat-based cereal includes raw cacao nibs, raw cacao powder, dates, coconut palm sugar, maple powder, cinnamon, hemp flour, maca, and vanilla.Super Goji Snack

Organic Raw Power Snacks Cacao Goji are made from the most nutrient dense functional superfoods including cacao, maca, chia, and camu-camu. We sustainably source the most nutritious, wholesome and delicious ingredients available, and now we’ve combined them into flavorful grab-and-go snacks that you can enjoy anywhere.




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